Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Take over BP and Transocean!

Sell off all their assets to the other oil companies. Then use the funds to help private, government and public organizations stop the oil flooding into the Gulf of Mexico, and to fund the cleanup and restocking of the entire Gulf Coast ecosystem. That’s a bit more extreme than Robert Reich’s suggestion that President Obama should put BP into receivership. But, either one of these drastic measures is what it would take to fix this mess – billions of dollars and years of hard work. And, that still wouldn’t get rid of all the toxins released into the oceans and food chain. Good luck, planet Earth!

”Now, John – who has the power to do such a thing?”

“ The president does, and so do we the people, dear alter ego.”

”The people have given up their power to the political system in this glorious democratic republic, John.

“The people can take the power back!”

”Revolution, John?

“Yes, revolution.”

”Now you sound like a member of the crazed far right Tea Parties.

“No. I mean the actual populace of the country, not those folks who would limit the power to the white middle class.”

”And, just who belongs to ‘the actual populace” of the country? Don’t you include the Tea Partiers? And if you mean all the more reasonable people in the country, John - it won’t work. Those "more reasonable" folks are the actual conservatives in the country, those who would never consider such a radical thing. They are the people who want world peace - the actual Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, blacks, whites, Latinos, Pacific Rim folk, gay, lesbian, bi, straight, and transgendered people who do believe that each one of us was created equal in God’s eyes.

No. The only people who would revolt are the crazed Tea Party folk, and worse – and revolts result in blood letting. You think the French and Russian revolutions were picnics? Best not think such a thing!”

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KittKatt said...

I share your outrage about the BP oil spill. My grief is so great that I haven't been able to blog about it yet.