Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Pastel Wave Painting #3

In January I decided to make a new 32" by 40" pastel wave painting. So this week I searched through my photo morgue to find candidates for the painting. *

New Wave Photo #1

I searched through several hundred photographs taken over the past 10 years. I have at least two thousand more, though I won't search through them all. I can use them for future wave paintings, and I will also shoot more photos of waves during the next several months.

New Wave Photo #2

I’m showing two of my choices here including one set of photos that zoom in closer and closer to isolate a small portion of the breaking wave. Now I just have to make a decision as to which photo I will use.

Wave #2, close up #1

The viewer could help by voting here or on Facebook for the photo of his/her choice.

Wave #2, close up #2

I will provide a hint as to my thoughts on the matter - the closer, the better!


* A "morgue" is an artists file of photographs to be used as aids in drawing and painting. My morgue is made up of all photographs I have taken myself.