Friday, May 29, 2015

Johnny Depp Canvas

After two weeks of work, I’ve mapped the manqué onto the 3 by 4 foot canvas, and begun painting. It looks like “paint by #’s” from the 1950’s just now, but that will change as I get to working inside the flat areas. I’m pleased with the painting to this point.

Because our Goddaughter decided she preferred the 2nd image, I will be painting that as well. However, that will have to wait until December, 2015. I understand why she and about half of the folks voting liked the 2nd image best – because it doesn’t look slightly angry/crazed, and it shows more of Johnny Depp’s face. We will hang the first image with the Madonna panel in September, but the 2nd image can be swapped out for the 1st once it is done.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Memorial Day Holiday 2015

My Computer is a disaster area. Time to back up on another hard drive and dump half its memory. The entry I planned to write has been lost because everything froze and I had to do an emergency shut down and restart. I’ve dumped a bunch of photos I don’t like and still things aren’t running correctly.

Anyway, these are the photographs I planned to post. The blog entry was about the holiday weekend and the photo was planned to illustrate the return of masses of humankind to the beaches of the eastern seaboard. Part of my diatribe was about the fact that I like beaches best when the mass of people and their junk isn’t present.

Thursday, May 14, 2015


I’ve only put 25 of the first card, “Peace” out into the world. However, the new “Art Card,” is designed and the first edition of 1000 should arrive in the post any day. There will be two more single word cards, “joy,” and perhaps, “adore" or “soul.” After that I plan on some short phrases based in love and peace, God, and other universals that the Post Modern supposedly put an end to.

The signature in the lower right hand corner of the new cards is “Klompy.” My father’s close friends knew him by that name, and it was a reflection of his best nature, an affectionate reference. From now on, all Art Cards will have that moniker as the copyright.

This blog will be a record of my intent in the creation of the Art Cards, the record of their stochastic distribution, and any other information concerning them – and I will end all writing about them with the following.

“Peace, Love, Joy, and ‘you are not alone.’ ”

Monday, May 4, 2015

2 Images of Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp, #1

Johnny Depp, #2

By way of explanation for those who haven’t followed the genesis of the new triptych for Characters Pub in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Johnny Depp is to be the second and center panel in the 3 foot by 12 foot triptych which will be hung across from the bar in “Windows On Queen,” the banquet facility at the Restaurant.

In order to make images that are my own, I “Googled” ‘Johnny Depp,’ then chose ‘images,’ then ‘large.’ I chose 8 images that I liked. I saved them to my computer, and opened them in Adobe Photoshop, manipulating them in many ways, enlarging them to create grain and pixelation, cropping them, combining them, overlapping them, reversing them, tilting the images, posterizing them, solarizing them, and so on. These are two of the final images that I like best. Before I square one up to the 3 by 4 foot central canvas, I need viewer help to choose which one will be best as part of the triptych that will include the completed painting of Madonna, and another of Julia Roberts. Please go to the comments section below and vote for #1, or #2 Which ever image is the winner, it must be understood that the painting will also be altered from the image as seen in this post. I will enlarge the image fairly accurately, but my painting technique will create a new variation, distancing it from the Photoshop image, because that image is but a guide to the making of the painting.