Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April Graphics

Okay, so we almost didn’t get this done in April. Never the less, here it is, April Graphics. Once again, I’m showing each artwork with a link to the entry it illustrated. The title below each image is the link. If you wish to take the time to see and read the graphic in context, just click on the title. Of course, I know that this is the “cybervoid” and few persons, if any will take the time to do so. Still, I recommend the reading because I know you will find the entries informative.*

April 2008

April 2009

April 2010

April 2011

April 2012

April 2013


*Cybervoid – coined by yours truly to describe the huge nebulous space created by electronic media and millions of people with their mundane diurnal dithering into which anything of value seems to drop and vanish.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Pierre et Gilles Exhibit, "Heroes"

“Heroes” at Gallerie Daniel Templon, Paris, France through May 1st. *

A short break from my own work to that of my favorite artist couple in the Art World, Pierre et Gilles. The duo works by building elaborate tableau in their studio, posing friends and models, shooting the images, printing on canvas, and then painting into the photo. Each mixed media photo/painting is put in a frame tailored specifically to the finished product. This particular painting from the current show is “Achille,” the model, Staiv Gentis (2011).

*The Advocate, “In the Galleries: Pierre et Gilles’ ‘Heroes," by Christopher Harrity. Posted April 18, 2014, 2:05 PM, EDT, viewed 11:41 PM, EDT.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

History of a Commission In Reverse:

Part II

On February 25th I wrote about these three panels, a commission for friends’ master bedroom. At this stage of the project all three panels have two colors and have been distressed once. My friends love boating and have a 38-foot cruiser, so I’ve found photos in my morgue of sunsets and sunrises on the Intracoastal and the Atlantic Ocean.* I’ve manipulated the photos in Adobe Photoshop so that parts have dropped out and the distressed surface of the painted panels will show through. The three photos are centered, one on each of the (18” x 24”) panels. I have to varnish over them, wax the panels, paint a new color over each panel, and distress again. Much of what is visible now will be - at the least partially, and at the most totally - hidden.

The process of creating mixed media distressed paintings is to a great extent free from. It is impossible to predict what the panels will look like until after all the above processes are completed. Thus, I won’t know what the next steps will be until I see these next steps finished. I do know that I want to embed written words, and type into the paint, but I don’t know what type and words will be there at this stage of the process, though they should have something to do with retirement as a privileged stage in American life, joy, and friendship, because our friends are retired, show so much joy in their diurnal lives, and are such good friends.


*A morgue is an artist’s file of pictures kept as an aid to drawing and painting. I do not use any photos from magazines or other sources. My morgue is composed completely of photos I have taken.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Intracoastal Thunderstorm

I took this photo a few years back, and just happened across it today in my morgue file of pictures taken to use in my paintings, drawings, and mixed media distressed artworks. The light thundershowers we had off and on yesterday (and I do mean light) reminded me how rapidly the weather can go back and forth here in south Florida. While doing my laps I had to get out of the pool two times while a thundershower passed. Each time there was just enough rain to wet the pavers around the pool. However, the showers weren't an annoyance because they served as the proverbial self-pinch, as though God were reminding me how fortunate I am to be able to live this life in retirement. Those of us in my generation have our retirement at a time when so many younger persons in the education profession can no longer hope to have this retirement lifestyle since the powers that be seem to be set against educators in general, and most specifically those in public education.

O-o-ops, I seem to have fallen into a bit of a mini-diatribe about that which I perceive as an inequity in our culture, not so subtly perpetrated by the super rich corporate oligarchy through FOX News and other political outlets. I don’t apologize for my digression, though I do thank God every day for this wonderful retirement that many middle class persons in my generation have been able to achieve!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Outer Space Aliens Invade South Florida!

A fleet of saucer-like objects has been sighted zooming over and landing on several south Florida beaches

The ships vary in size and shape from spherical to ovoid, and fly in crazed zig-zag patterns. A few ships have landed, while others continue to weave around one another in erratic patterns in the sky above. Also, metallic humanoid figures have been seen standing in oval windows, heads turning slowly from side to side as if observing the seascape outside. A flying asteroid accompanies the strange fleet with a castle like building on top. However, most bizarre is the huge banner with the inscription “Castle of the Pyrenees Casino” unfurled above the flying asteroid.

Beach goers have been cautioned not to approach the ships, and Governor Scott has requested that the National Guard be sent to the south Florida beaches where the ships have landed.