Tuesday, April 30, 2013

LGBT: Complete

I continue to publish images of the artwork I’m creating for The LGBT Pictionary.

LGBT (16" x 16") April 30, 2013, mixed media (digital/or not) distressed painting

I wasn’t sure about the pale orange I chose for the final layers on “LGBT,” but I’m really happy about the outcome. All the colors taken together, pinks, lavenders, and pale orange remind me of European/Western Caucasian flesh tones, making the work worldly and perhaps politically incorrect -because it is not inclusive of other flesh tones.  However it does relate to the struggle for equality (including all of us regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sex, or sexuality) because, it actually grows out of our secular historicist tradition in the Western Arts to bring about an earthly paradise. And, that desire in the arts and philosophies is paralleled by the forefathers desire to bring about “a more perfect” democratic society.*

So, I’m extremely happy with the painting because I did get there, and because I’m (Oh so) tired of this Metamodern fundamentalist need to politicize religious practice – whether Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist - you name it - by dumping this earthly life and having jihad, Armageddon, or other human induced world-ending calamities.*2

It is finished. And, now I move on to the final 3 panels for this show.


* See Purgatorio, Dante’s Divine Comedy, Return to the Garden of Eden, Jan The Elder Brueghel, Alfred Tennyson, Robert Browning, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and William Morris, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison among many others.

*2 I make note here that I count myself as Christian, though I doubt most evangelicals would have me in their churches.

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