Monday, April 1, 2013

Gay Dog

Once again I return to the Gay Dictionary.  And, I’ve decided to broaden the dictionary to the category LGBT Dictionary, phase one of which is “Gay Terms.”  I have just begun to work on Lesbian terms, and will in the future be working with bisexual and transgender terms as well.

"Gay Dog," Gay terms from the LGBT Dictionary, (8" x8") mixed media distressed paint

A “Gay Dog” according to the Miriam Webster dictionary is a gay man prone to immoral hedonism.  However, historically the term depicted a heterosexual hedonistic male, a libertine.  In the visual arts there is William Hogarth’s 18th century antecedent series of paintings“ The Rake’s Progress,” a moralistic visual parable that describes the dissolution of Thomas Rakewell, a straight heir to fortune who ends up in Bedlam.   Also, "goggle' the term and you will find window after window of entries literally about dogs that are gay, including "Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride," the forth episode from South Park.  In that storyline, Stan's dog, Sparky humps a rival dog, Stan tries to force Sparky to be more masculine, and as a result Sparky runs away to Big Gay Al's Animal Sanctuary.  Life imitates Art (sort of) in the Web based article "Owner Sends "Gay' Dog To Be Euthanized." * 

In the distressed mixed media painting titled, “Gay Dog” I have buried definitions, images, magazine articles, web pages, set type about any/all of the above. 

* Sleczkowski, Cavan, "Owner Sends "Gay' Dog To Be Euthanized,"  The Huffington Post at  Posted 01/31/13 at 12:14 pm, updated 02/01/13 at 1:27 pm EST.  Viewed 04/01/13 at 2:41 am EDT,

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