Thursday, April 25, 2013


Phase 3, LGBT, (16" x 16") mixed media distressed painting

 Phase 4, (16" x 16") mixed media distressed painting

 It’s not finished, but it’s almost there. Here are phase 3 and 4. I have some tweaking to do but it is almost done. Since the last journal entry, I’ve started two new paintings, 20” x 20,” and am finishing another 16” x 16” along with “LGBT.” I work from painting to painting so that areas of wet paper, paint, glue and varnish will be dry when next I return to LGBT.

At this stage, I’ve taken photographs of LGBT and then layered in set type, old photos of LGBT people, organizational logos, and other items using Adobe Photoshop. I printed these out and using dechirage technique tore the paper prints, then laminated these into the painting. Next, I measured and taped out areas of the painting so that I could create two new smaller distressed areas of paint. I printed out a photo of purple glitter, and cut it into thin strips in order to make an outline around the central square. Then I painted the orange square in the center, took a photograph of stage 3, and I’ll leave it there. There are several more steps in which I worked back and forth between camera, the virtual world of the computer, and painting at my drafting table in actual physical space.  Working back and forth between the virtual space of the computer and the actual physical space in my studio is the most fascinating part of the mixed media distressed painting technique for me.

 Next time I will post an image of the completed painting.

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