Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Outer Space Aliens Invade South Florida!

A fleet of saucer-like objects has been sighted zooming over and landing on several south Florida beaches

The ships vary in size and shape from spherical to ovoid, and fly in crazed zig-zag patterns. A few ships have landed, while others continue to weave around one another in erratic patterns in the sky above. Also, metallic humanoid figures have been seen standing in oval windows, heads turning slowly from side to side as if observing the seascape outside. A flying asteroid accompanies the strange fleet with a castle like building on top. However, most bizarre is the huge banner with the inscription “Castle of the Pyrenees Casino” unfurled above the flying asteroid.

Beach goers have been cautioned not to approach the ships, and Governor Scott has requested that the National Guard be sent to the south Florida beaches where the ships have landed.

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