Monday, March 24, 2014

Blowing Rocks, Jupiter Island, Florida:

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Today I write once again about photographs and videos made with the iPhone. As Apple Corporation has demonstrated, their phones can make true works of art, sometimes accidentally. Though I can’t claim the two photos included here are great art, they do fall into the genre, “pretty photos at the beach.” Never the less, yesterday was the perfect day, air - 82 degrees Fahrenheit, H2O – 77 degrees, brilliant sunshine, deep blue sky, nice surf, water various shades of aqua and green, and the iPhone captured it all.* I've included the first photo because my husband is in the background, and because the wave is captured the instant before it breaks.

The second is posted because of the composition, blanket running off the edge in the foreground, the figure behind projecting off the top of the picture plane.

I also shot some video, and I will put together a short movie based on those (time permitting) in a future post.


I am providing links here to information aboutJupiter Island and Blowing Rocks.

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