Monday, March 3, 2014

March Graphic Art and Illustration

This month, March, I will review Graphic Art and Illustration in a different manner from months past. 

Instead of writing a brief summary for each year's chosen graphic, photo, and/or illustration, I will simply provide a direct link to the blog entry in which that artwork was published. To view the actual artwork and read about it in context with the blog entry, click on the highlighted text. As usual I will begin with the year 2008 and work toward the present year, 2014.

1. March, 2008 - "Our 40th Anniversary Celebration Sculpture Walk"

2. March, 2009 - "Economic theory: An Extremely Brief History."

3. March, 2010 - "Post-postmodernism Defined: Really now John! (Continued)"

4. March, 2011 - "Flight of the Pelicans"

5. March, 2012 - "Isaac Stolzfuts' Return: Part II"

6. March, 2013 - "Wonderful." The photograph in this presentation was taken by Ginny Dixon, official photographer of the Gay Men's Chorus of South Florida. I copied it from the Gay Men's Chorus of South Florida Website in March, 2013 and I make no claim to it as part of my oeuvre. I used it in 2013 and I use it now because I am in the photograph, and because I am proud of the fact that I sing with this wonderful, professional men's chorus.

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I really enjoyed this, John. Thanks for posting it!