Friday, March 26, 2010

Post-postmodernism Defined: Really now John! (Continued)

The contrary notion (to the Postmodern) that the writer/artist, text/ art work, and the reader/viewer are inseparable seems to be one of the linchpins of a Post-postmodern position. *

Universe X-66P5

The operator thought, “Now I shall do the impossible.” Thus, as the energy poured through the black hole at the center of the Milky-Way Galaxy - so named by the insignificant inhabitants of the third planet of an inconsequential little star two-thirds they way out toward the outer extremities of that rather [ho-hum] ordinary galaxy – into the brand-new infant universe on the other side of the black hole generated wormhole - the operator thought. “I shall make this entirely new universe out of only one dimension. It shall have no up or down. There shall be no space, and time shall not exist. Instead, this universe shall be a single dot in the fabric of the infinite. And, as it gives rise to life, that life shall neither know the passage of thought, nor shall it experience any sense of things because there will be no thing to experience. Therefore I shall design no senses to experience anything, and since I am the fundamental controller of all - this Universe, X-66P5 - shall be singular. No thing, and everything shall be indivisible. There shall be no perception. There shall be no understanding. Therefore there shall be no reasoning, and there shall be no criticism based in sensory perception and / or reason.”

Thus, the impossible dot - this thing that will not emerge from the wormhole because it shall be an impossible singularity of nothing - shall not be. Yes, I shall do the impossible, and the impossible will not exist. Therefore, I shall have not done it.

*Knapp, Steven & Michaels, Walter Benn, “Against Theory,” in Critical Inquiry (8:4).

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