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To Much of a Good Thing is Wonderful

Gay Men’s Chorus of South Florida Performs with the Symphony of the Americas


I’m so excited to tell all my friends about our upcoming concert, under the baton of both Maestros, James Brooks-Bruzzese, artistic director of the Symphony of the Americas, and our own Gordon Roberts, artistic director of The Gay Men's Chorus of South Florida.  Last evening was our first rehearsal with Maestro Bruzzese who conducted us in Beethoven’s Hallelujah Chorus from the Mount of Olives, What a Wonderful World, Battle Hymn of the Republic, and America the Beautiful.  And, what a (wonderful) experience!  He has a (wonderful) presence, unassuming, calm and humorous, but forceful.  We had been practicing the Beethoven at half the speed, and I have to go back and work on the piece again because I had trouble keeping up, not because he is difficult to follow - he is not - but, because of my lack of voice training. 

I count myself as extremely fortunate to be singing with this marvelous (wonderful) chorus for my second season.  One hundred fifty voices strong, the music we make together is amazing, and this performance with the Symphony of the Americas will be doubly so. Two of the performances will be at our venue, The Sunshine Cathedral in Fort Lauderdale and they will benefit the chorus.  The other two performances will be at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts, the orchestra’s venue, and those will benefit the orchestra.  I understand that a few of the seats at the cathedral have just become available again.  If you live anywhere along the Florida Gold Coast, may I suggest you consider attending one of these concerts, March 19 and 24, Broward Center, and March 22 and 23, Sunshine Cathedral.  All our friends who have attended Gay Men’s Chorus of South Florida concerts in the past have been thrilled, and I’m putting that mildly.  However, it would be best to contact a member of the chorus to obtain seats because the Website purchasing page is sold out.   I believe there are also a few more seats to be had at the Broward Center.

I have to emphasize it again, these performances will be wonderful!

* The above images were taken of the Home pages for both the Symphony of the Americas at, and The Gay Men's Chorus of South Florida at for educational one time use, on Wednesday, March 13 at 11:45 AM EDT.

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