Tuesday, April 15, 2014

History of a Commission In Reverse:

Part II

On February 25th I wrote about these three panels, a commission for friends’ master bedroom. At this stage of the project all three panels have two colors and have been distressed once. My friends love boating and have a 38-foot cruiser, so I’ve found photos in my morgue of sunsets and sunrises on the Intracoastal and the Atlantic Ocean.* I’ve manipulated the photos in Adobe Photoshop so that parts have dropped out and the distressed surface of the painted panels will show through. The three photos are centered, one on each of the (18” x 24”) panels. I have to varnish over them, wax the panels, paint a new color over each panel, and distress again. Much of what is visible now will be - at the least partially, and at the most totally - hidden.

The process of creating mixed media distressed paintings is to a great extent free from. It is impossible to predict what the panels will look like until after all the above processes are completed. Thus, I won’t know what the next steps will be until I see these next steps finished. I do know that I want to embed written words, and type into the paint, but I don’t know what type and words will be there at this stage of the process, though they should have something to do with retirement as a privileged stage in American life, joy, and friendship, because our friends are retired, show so much joy in their diurnal lives, and are such good friends.


*A morgue is an artist’s file of pictures kept as an aid to drawing and painting. I do not use any photos from magazines or other sources. My morgue is composed completely of photos I have taken.

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