Saturday, June 15, 2013

LGBT Pictionary: June Pride Month, 2013

This is the final final entry about the show at Camp Rehoboth Community Center.

 Because I designed and created the announcement as well as the artworks I've decided to include that artwork as the final blog entry about the show since the show will run for another two weeks, through June 26, 2013. Take down is June 27th. However, I was given verbal commitment this past winter that The LGBT Pictionary will be on display at one of the ArtServe locations beginning the middle of November in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

We have sold 3 of the small pieces as of this date, and I have gotten 2 commissions as a result. Signed and numbered prints of the small works are also available unframed for $45.00 / $99.00 framed. The original small works are $145.00 framed. Larger works are priced accordingly and I welcome inquiries.

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