Sunday, June 9, 2013

LGBT Pictionary

The Grid of Small Works, The LGBT Pictionary, 24 words, each work is 10"x10" framed, $145.00 ea.

The show opened last evening, Second Saturday Art Night at Camp Rehoboth. The installation looks phenomenal in the space at Camp. Murray Archibald sent an image of the pieces he will use on the next Letters cover. The cover is gorgeous! Murray is such a marvelous designer and artist and I can’t wait to see this issue in print.

The four 16" x 16" works,Baby Dyke, Lesbos, Ex-Gay, and LGBT, $265.00 ea.

Should the reader be interested in reading more about the LGBT Pictionary he/she can go back through the past many months of entries that show individual works from the show, describe the purpose, methods/technique and philosophy behind the work.

The two 20"square artworks, Lipstick Lesbian and Queer, $475.00 ea.

I’ve included images of the Camp space and art on display. I am so pleased to be finished – a year of hard work, a new body of work – a relief and a pleasure at once.

Gay Pride, (30" x 30") June 2, 2013, $950.00

The Painting, Gay Pride looks a bit lost in the installation. It should be on a smaller wall, but I couldn't rearrange my work because some of the space in the gallery also contains excellent works by Michael Muller and Mary Ann Borden.

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Kittredge Cherry said...

It's so wonderful to see them all on display! I'm thrilled that you sold some and got some commissions too.