Thursday, April 15, 2010


Once again, I take a break from that lengthy monologue about the Pomo and Po-pomo.

The kites are amazingly cool all by themselves, and watching the guys fly through the air and over the waves revs the heart into overdrive.

If I were twenty something and know what I know at sixty-five I would definitely do the necessary exercise to build my body to allow for the stress on shoulders, arms and back. Then, I would go out and spend the big bucks for the equipment, and hire a coach to train for the sport.

I know there is a risk. I’ve heard stories of guys being picked up out of the water by the wind and slammed into buildings. But, what sport doesn’t come with some risk, and I should think that a bit of knowledge, practice, a good coach, and common sense would go a long way toward reducing that risk.

I imagine that being lifted out of the water and flying above the blue-green south Florida ocean must throw the kiteboarder into a state of absolute and total euphoria.



Betsy Grant said...

I love these photos. What a great experience to witness. Is the water really that blue?!

jeannette said...

Wow, the last pic shows the risk involved -but the kites are cool:)