Monday, April 5, 2010

Butterfly Photograph

This photograph from Butterfly World in Broward County creates a break from my ever over-loaded metacrtitical pontification. I haven’t made the annual trip to that ethereal garden, and I probably won’t have the chance before we leave South Florida for the Panhandle, and points north next month. So, I’ve marked it in on next year’s MUST DO list. Anyone who lives in south Florida or who visits us should put Butterfly World on his or her MUST DO list.

I took this photograph during our 2007 visit using my old 5 megapixel Sony DSC-F707 with the ‘Carl Zeiss’ lens. I loved that lens because it was and is the most versatile lens I’ve ever had on a camera. The great range of that lens allows me to zoom in and out on the butterflies without having to stop and change lenses. The newer 10 megapixel Sony DSLR doesn’t do anywhere near as well, though one can select a model that comes with two lenses.

However, the point is that Butterfly World allows the visitor to take a vacation from our hell-bent planet. One friend described the place as “instant nirvana.”

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