Saturday, April 10, 2010

John’s Post-postmodern position

What does faith have to do with it?

I return to my entry of March 31st, "Post-postmodern Characteristics"

One of the intellectual components of my becoming a young adult was the recognition that reality was not based in opposition, but rather variability. Thus, as an undergraduate student back in the mid 1960’s I had a postmodern outlook on the world. However, as an older adult, I now know that variability and specificity are both necessary to any meaningful human exchange. When two or more people listen carefully to one another’s various positions on a particular subject, the dialogue they construct together will build a meaningful approach to that subject based in a reconciliation of established practice with new understandings. If variability and specificity are not present simultaneously during human exchange, then misunderstanding, failure, and destructive behavior wait in the wings.

And that is my senior adult Post-postmodern position - If, as some claim, that position must be based in a leap of faith, so be it. However, It is more, or perhaps less than a leap of faith. Instead, I am talking about a reorganization of one’s knowledge and understanding of that knowledge based in the necessity of actual human intercourse. I / we must actually have faith in the transformative power of thorough and constructive human interaction.

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Betsy Grant said...

I think this boils down to really paying attention to one's values and especially when interacting with others. I like your ideas...