Friday, May 29, 2015

Johnny Depp Canvas

After two weeks of work, I’ve mapped the manqué onto the 3 by 4 foot canvas, and begun painting. It looks like “paint by #’s” from the 1950’s just now, but that will change as I get to working inside the flat areas. I’m pleased with the painting to this point.

Because our Goddaughter decided she preferred the 2nd image, I will be painting that as well. However, that will have to wait until December, 2015. I understand why she and about half of the folks voting liked the 2nd image best – because it doesn’t look slightly angry/crazed, and it shows more of Johnny Depp’s face. We will hang the first image with the Madonna panel in September, but the 2nd image can be swapped out for the 1st once it is done.

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