Thursday, May 14, 2015


I’ve only put 25 of the first card, “Peace” out into the world. However, the new “Art Card,” is designed and the first edition of 1000 should arrive in the post any day. There will be two more single word cards, “joy,” and perhaps, “adore" or “soul.” After that I plan on some short phrases based in love and peace, God, and other universals that the Post Modern supposedly put an end to.

The signature in the lower right hand corner of the new cards is “Klompy.” My father’s close friends knew him by that name, and it was a reflection of his best nature, an affectionate reference. From now on, all Art Cards will have that moniker as the copyright.

This blog will be a record of my intent in the creation of the Art Cards, the record of their stochastic distribution, and any other information concerning them – and I will end all writing about them with the following.

“Peace, Love, Joy, and ‘you are not alone.’ ”

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