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The Machine that Could Save Gulf of Mexico Beaches, Fisheries, and Wetlands!

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As Part of this series of entries - an encomium to the lost lives, flora, fauna, wetlands, jobs and livelihood of thousands from the Gulf coast states I include the photograph below. I took it in April of this year, a few days before the Deepwater Horizon explosion. It is one of hundreds taken of inflowing and out flowing waves of crystal clear ocean water. I will be posting others individually, and in series to emphasize the cycling quality of the waves. They symbolize life and death, rebirth, and Mother Earth’s ability to regenerate and cleanse her body. I look forward to the day when this manmade destruction, poison, and death will no longer exist.

Meanwhile there is this -
Ocean Therapy Solutions: Technology that Actually Works!

Kevin Costner’s company, Ocean Therapy Solutions, and the centrifugal separator are not getting enough press.* This appears to be one piece of new technology that could actually help protect beaches, fisheries and wetlands in Louisiana, Alabama, and the panhandle of Florida. I leave Mississippi out of it because the Governor of that threatened state doesn’t think protection is necessary. However, the centrifugal separators cost big bucks to make, and they need to be made by the hundreds of they are to be of any use in protecting the gulf coast from this unprecedented oil disaster. Folks should be demanding that the federal government, BP, Transocean, Halliburton, the states along the Gulf, and local municipalities must invest the necessary dollars to purchase and use the machines. This machine is the one bright spot in the 59 days of this disaster, and everyone is busily ignoring it.

We are a bunch of jackasses!

Please write / contact your President, Senator and Congresspersons about getting these machines on line in the Gulf of Mexico today – not tomorrow, next week, month or next year, but NOW! I have already done so, and the text of my letter appears below.*2 I am also including links to the following; 1) Site to contact President, Congresspersons, and Senators, 2) Ocean Therapy Solutions Website, and 3) EOTS Video.

LGBT Pride Month

I've been so focused on the oil spill I've forgotten entirely about LGBT Pride. President Obama made the proclamation. We LGBT folk focus on our own concerns so much that we neglect the political reality for the President, he automatically looses at least 20% of the voting public by making such a proclamation. For this he should be praised by us, not denigrated for doing too little.


* The centrifugal separator isn't really new technology. However, Ocean Therapy Solutions application of the separator to removing oil from water is new.

*2 The Letter - one version of several written to President Congresspersons and Senator.

Dear President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden:

This letter is not meant as a criticism, but a statement of fact. There follows a solution (in part) to your current political dilemma.

I am writing to advise you that Kevin Costner’s company, Ocean Therapy Solutions, and the centrifugal separator are the answer to doing something that actually works to ameliorate if not to solve the 59-day-old Gulf Oil Crisis. The centrifugal separator appears to be THE ONLY PIECE OF NEW TECHNOLOGY that will actually help protect beaches, fisheries and wetlands in Louisiana, Alabama, and the panhandle of Florida. However, the centrifugal separator is a relatively expensive piece of technology, and it must be manufactured by the hundreds if it is to be deployed to protect the gulf coast from this unprecedented oil disaster. The logistics of obtaining funds, manufacture, transportation, deployment, ancillary equipment (boats, platforms, work stations, men and women workers) must be worked out immediately! There can be no delay as the disaster is expanding exponentially. You – NO! - I mean we - do not have time to play here. However, you do have the power to declare a state of national emergency and obtain funds from Congress. If George W. Bush could do that in order to go to war in Iraq, you can do it to aid your fellow countrymen in the 29th most important economic region of the world. I know that all Americans in the future, if not today will see such a move as an appropriate response to this crisis.

Please go o to the Corporate Website, and read about Ocean Therapy Solutions, (, Call Mr. Costner, John Houghtaling II, (CEO) and Patrick N. Smith (Chief of Operations), and get the ball rolling.

I know that I am seeing and understanding this partial solution clearly, and I think it might also work as a political solution to the misperception by many of us that you are like President George W. Bush during and post-Katrina, impotent.


Dr. John Bittinger Klomp

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