Monday, June 14, 2010

Remember What Beaches and Wetlands Should Look Like

By way of protest, and since this is an Art Blog and not a political journal, I will post a series of beach and wetlands photographs. They will be posted in memorial to and in honor of this nations magnificent coastal regions that are threatened by the BP Gulf Oil Disaster. My pastel drawings are also about our beautiful coast, north and south, and these can be viewed at John Bittinger Klomp Pastels.

My center - the only small part of me that is able to touch God - can be found on the beach and in the wetlands. Thus, I am in a panic that my sanctuary, my personal church is being destroyed several large chunks each day the man made 2010 Gulf Oil Disaster continues.

Go to to find out how you can protest underwater drilling.

Go to Jesus in Love Blog to read an inspirational and helpful entry about how to deal with the Gulf Oil Disaster on a personal religious/spiritual level.

In the future I will title each post “Memorial” and each will always link to this initial post - just click on the title to go back.


KittKatt said...

Thank you, John. I’ve also struggled with how to address the Gulf oil spill on my blog since it is a “GLBT spirituality and art blog” and not a political blog. But I couldn’t igmore a tragedy that is so connected to spirituality in my soul. So today I found a way to blog about it. I would value your comment on my post:

“Christ-like birds in oil spill: You can help”

Your beach photo is beautiful! My thoughts and prayers are with you and everyone on the Gulf Coast.

Betsy Grant said...

Your comments explain why your photographs and art work of the ocean/seaside are so beautiful. This beauty is for you a truly spiritual experience. I'm glad to see you focusing on your art during this time of threat to that which you love. It serves to inspire which is the true gift of the artist.

Dr. John Bittinger Klomp said...

Kitt, and Betsy,

Thank you both for your comments. I am only discovering the depth of my love for our beaches and wetlands. I knew they were special every time I painted them with pastels. However, I have found that they dwell at the very center of my being because of the 2010 Gulf Oil Disaster.