Monday, June 7, 2010

A return to Art Concerns (Sort of)

Beach Photo

Approaching Storm

While reloading all my stuff back onto the computer hard drive after the recent “Google Analytics” systems disabling disaster, I came across this photo of our beach in South Florida. It was dated March 30, 2006. I’ve posted it because of the natural spotlight on the lone figure. Looking at the photo I have a feeling of foreboding, and I know that it is related to the nagging dread I have of the ongoing 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil catastrophe. I really do feel as though I’m standing “On the Beach” waiting for everything to die. I wish I didn’t worry so – and I don’t think I would if I saw evidence that our people were taking this tragedy seriously. * Instead, I watch Congressman Darrell Issa, FOX, right wing bloggers, and other sources concentrate on the trumped up scandal, a supposed White House job offer to Pennsylvania's Joe Sestak. *2 Once again the Republicans throw a sideshow in the political circus attempting to discredit the Whitehouse, and draw our attention away from the actual crisis. Even Sarah Palin has enough sense to talk about the crises though she denies that “drill baby drill” referred to deep water drilling.

Through it all I listen to the horrified people of the Louisiana Gulf coast Parishes beg for help, and I wonder why FEMA and other government agencies aren’t down there coordinating Federal, State and Local agencies, private, and non-profits in an actual government effort (means PEOPLE ON THE GROUND actually expending physical effort) to protect and clean up the water, beaches, and prevent the oil from entering the wetlands.

I am so tired and disheartened!

Future Journal

In a related matter, I'm thinking about doing a new journal. Actually, It's more than a journal. It would include video and live webcasts done by a doppelganger, named Dr. van Buitenste, the only man alive in a future earth in which man has destroyed all life on the planet. Of course, part of the destruction will have been caused by an even greater oil spill than the current Gulf of Mexico horror though perhaps that’s not necessary.

In order to do the journal I will have to purchase and learn how to use a video camera. For now, I’m just writing an outline, and playing with the idea. - don’t know how much money I want to spend just to have the whole thing sucked into the ‘cybervoid.’ I do know that doing the “Future Journal” would help me because doing something is better than worrying and doing nothing.


* On The Beach - Follow the link to learn about all the various On The Beach incarnations.

*2 So, If such an offer was actually made, which I doubt - it would mean that if I owned my own business and I knew that someone else was about to startup a rival business and I offered him or her an important job in my company in the hope that he/she would join forces with me rather than become the competition - that would be illegal? If such is true for elected officials, why not for private business? Oh, I forgot - in a capitalist society, while businesses are granted the same rights as individual persons, they suffer none of the legal accountability that individuals do.

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Betsy Grant said...

There is no greater time to honor the arts and the artist than during a time of negativity (such as the Gulf incident) that tries to pull you away from that love. I miss seeing your beautiful photos and art.