Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Memorial: Gulf Coast Oil Disaster

Day 71

By way of protest, and since this is an Art Blog and not a political journal, I will post a series of photographs. They will be posted in memorial of and in honor of this nations magnificent coastal regions that are threatened by the BP Gulf Oil Disaster. My pastel drawings are also about our beautiful coast, north and south, and these can be viewed at John Bittinger Klomp Pastels.

My center, the only small part of me that is able to touch God can be found on the beach and in the wetlands. Thus, I am in a panic that my sanctuary, my personal church is being destroyed several large chunks each day the man made 2010 Gulf Oil Disaster continues.

In the future I will title each post “Memorial” and each will always link to the initial post - just click on the title to go back.

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