Wednesday, June 23, 2010

General McCrystal's Dirtbag Aid said...

On one more level, I am personally angered by General McCrystal, at least with his staff, and staff takes on the characteristics of the leader with his implicit permission. In the Rolling Stones Article an aid is quoted as he goes out to dinner with the French minister saying, “It’s F(BLEEPING) gay!” *

“No,” It’s a diplomatic attempt to make this war look like it has a particle of foreign support. And, you need to fix that prejudiced-man-mouth of yours, DIRT BAG!”

* Hastings, Michael, "The Runaway General," in Rollingstone Magazine on line at " Viewed 7:30 AM. EDT, Thursday, June 23, 2010."

* 2 I hope the artwork background looks like the swirls of toxic oil spiraling through the Gulf of Mexico in photographs taken from Earth orbit.

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Breathing Soul said...

Things like this can piss people off. I get pissed off sometimes. But you know, so what if it's f*****g gay. BTW, I found you through Bloggers Unite, hi! :)