Monday, July 19, 2010

How to Downplay the 2010 Gulf Oil Spill Disaster.

New First Grade Reader For America

Okay addicts!

Drill, drill, drill!

Drill Baby Drill!

Baby, baby, baby,

Kill the Planet!

Kill, kill, kill

Kill baby kill!

"So Angry," says the alter ego.

I am ANGRY! Even though I know that oil is absolutely essential at this point in time. We just can't stop our addiction to oil without totally destroying the economy, and the economy is in enough trouble. Never the less, the writing has been on the wall since the early 1970's, and we have chosen to ignore our addiction. I refuse to enable those who would continue that addiction! It is also absolutely imperative that those of the conservative political persuasion look at the alternatives to their "Drill Baby Drill" ideology.

"Here's something that might help, John," says my alter ego.

I can't help but think that Anton Dvorak would have to be pleased if he heard this version. Now I'm ready to take responsibility for my own part. And, I might even be able to hear some pro oil folk if they were also able to be reasonable, listen, and promise to work toward a cleaner, and healthier planet. Besides, I am as addicted to oil as the next fellow. So, I have done a few things to begin to ameliorate my own participation, and will continue to add to the list in the future. So far, I have accomplished the following.
1. Substitute florescent and LED lights throughout the house.
2. I turn all lights off when I leave a room.
3. I do not leave the refrigerator door open, ever, for any reason other than to remove and/or put things in and out.
4. The doors to the house are never left open for any reason other than to exit or enter.
5. I keep the thermostat set as low as I can stand in the winter in Delaware, and as high as possible in the summer.
6. I use cloth bags instead of plastic.
7. I use cloth towels in the kitchen instead of paper.
8. I use paper plates instead of plastic for picnics.
9. I do not buy water in plastic bottles.
In the future I will do the following.
1. Buy a new car that does at least 20% better with miles/gallon than the current car. (I've been saving for 3 years.)
2. Ride my bicycle when I need to do small grocery orders instead of taking the car.
3. Start saving money to convert the house to a combination of solar and wind (estimated 10 years).
4. Invest in alternative energy companies, and close all investments in oil related industry.
5. Save money toward purchase of a 50 mile per gallon or better car for local travel (estimated four years).
6. I am canceling travel plans because they will prevent saving toward energy conservation.

I could use some help here. What other ideas do people have? Pie in the sky is good. What can each of us do individually/ What can we do as a subgroup within the larger culture? How do we persuade conservative folk to change their energy orientation? Please write comments about this.

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KittKatt said...

These are great ideas for conserving energy! I honor you for taking action to make real changes in your lifestyle. My partner and I are trying harder to conserve energy, too. Sometimes we encourage ourselves by saying, “We cleaned another feather on an oiled bird” when we turn off a light or hang the laundry out to dry instead of using the drier.

Here’s another idea just for you. I thought of you when I came across this “Cool Climate” art contest

From their announcement:

“What is your vision for the Earth's future? What will happen if nothing is done to stop events like oil spills, deforestation, and global warming? What are the solutions that will make a clean energy future possible? The CoolClimate Art Contest is asking artists to respond to these questions for a chance to be featured on Planet Green's Planet100 and press exposure through non-profit use.…”

Details at:

This might be a good way for you to channel your passions for art and nature. Please let me know if you decide to pursue it.