Friday, July 30, 2010

Writing About Art

Lately I've been writing mostly about the Gulf Oil Spill and/or my upset with foolish Americans who want the “NO” Republican Party shenanigans “Drill Baby Drill” and the Tea Party more than they want to maintain and develop a truly free democracy in America. Yes, America - if we get rid of Democratic Senators and Congresspersons we will indeed have crazed Tea Party folk and “Just say NO” Republicans in office who want to get rid of social security, healthcare, and government in general. AND YES, THERE ARE THOSE WHO ARE PREJUDICED AGAINST PEOPLE OF COLOR IN THE TEA PARTY.

PROOF! Just look at and read the signs they carry at rallies.

See how easy it is for me to go off on a rant.

I illustrate the journal with my own artwork, but I am straying from the original intent of my journal, which is ART in general, my art, philosophy about art, and LGBT Art. What to do? Here's the program.
1. Open a new journal that is specifically about my political / religious / philosophical view of the world.
2. Limit this journal to ART.
3. I can post a series of photographs, drawings, and/or paintings on a particular subject that goes beyond art, though they might also be expounded upon in the “Political/ Religious” journal. However, there should be little or no political / religious comment about them in this journal.
At the same time, writing two journals necessitates fewer entries in the separate journals in order to not take time away from actual visual art production.

“Sounds like a catch 22, but let's try it, John.” So says the alter ego.

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