Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Damned Well From Hell is Capped!

Above is my latest photo from the series, a paean to a clean planet, air, land, water including beaches and marshes.

At 84 days and counting, the destroyed Deep Water Horizon well has a new cap. Hopefully the 80,000 barrels of oil per day has been cut to zero during the currently running 6 to 48 hour test.

What then? The closed down well demonstrates that it is leaking into the bedrock below the Gulf of Mexico or that it is in tact. The well is opened to release pressure and most of the escaping oil and gas is siphoned off, and placed in tankers on the Gulf’s surface. The cap doesn't work and has to be scrapped.  Those are the foreseeable possibilities.

Why isn’t this a wake up call?  And, why aren't the rabid “Drill Baby Drill” folk able to realize that the amount of oil already released into the ecology of the Gulf of Mexico is quite lethal? I hope that science will be allowed to tell the truth about this disaster. And, I hope that we will have enough sense to curb our appetite for oil. Finally, I hope that we will be sensible and turn the world’s most powerful economy toward clean energy instead of dirty energy.

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