Wednesday, July 7, 2010

“Drill Baby Drill”

See no Evil, Hear no Evil

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I’m seeing and hearing less and less about the Gulf Oil Spill. Instead I’m seeing and hearing more about Afghanistan, Russian spies, World Cup and east coast heat wave. All of these are important, but…

I refuse to take my eyes and artistic intent off of the Gulf, and this is the latest in my photographs of ocean, waves and water. They symbolize progression, progress, growth, a healthy earth, and the hope that man will learn from his mistakes and serve as steward to God’s rich and beautiful earth, rather than its destroyer. Think clean energy, wind and solar. Pray for it. Insist on it!

I’m making a pledge to personally do all I can to shepherd change from dirty to clean energy sources. In a future entry I will describe the many ways I can do that.

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KittKatt said...

Thank you! I've been disturbed by the dwindling amount of news coverage on the Gulf oil spil... which the oil never stops gushing.