Friday, October 11, 2013

Leonardo DeCaprio as Gatsby: Part X

It Is Finished!

“Gatsby” is completed and installed in the banquet facility at Meghan’s Characters Pub in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We drove the six panels to Lancaster last weekend. They were boxed and stacked in the back of our white Terrain.

Birthday Dinner at Characters

We had a birthday dinner Saturday evening at Characters in order to celebrate three birthdays, Joe’s, Millie’s, and yours truly. As always we enjoyed the world-class cuisine that Meghan and her souse-chef prepare. I had Meghan’s stuffed peppers. They were spicy/hot, stuffed with deliciously sweet/sour pulled pork and swimming in a marvelous brown gravy/sauce. They were so good that I thought about ordering a second batch. However, as I am the slowest eating bottomless-pit on the planet, I did not order them. It just wouldn’t have been fair to make my dinner companions watch me eat that second batch before we had our birthday cake.

Back to Gatsby

I put the six Gatsby panels together Saturday afternoon before dinner, and Meghan’s handy person, Beck hung it Sunday. Meghan has completely redecorated the banquet space since our wedding reception last year, and the first photo above shows how the painting looks in that huge room. The second is a close up of the painting. Beck and I have just admired her handy work, and my partner, Joe took our photo standing with the painting.

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