Saturday, October 19, 2013

Claude Monet: The Manneport

The Manneport, Claude Monet (1882) oil paint

In general, looking back at Impressionism from the perspective of the Post and Metamodern, the paintings are always too pretty for my taste. Having said that, I love the rough, dry painted surface texture in this painting, though it doesn't quite work for the water. Yes I can be critical of Monet's choices. He was a master - never the less - he was not perfect, as none of us are. I've had friends tell me I'm too critical of my own work - and hy not? If Monet could make choices that wern't optimum, and I can see them - I should certainly be critical of my own poor choices.

So, back to Manneport the rocks are incredible. And, of course, as always Monet's color is fabulous!

The Mini Critique is done.

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