Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Leonardo DeCaprio as Gatsby: Part IX

The Final Section (C2R3) is Complete.

My color is so different in this image from the original Adobe Photoshop sketch! However, all the colors are from the same set of premixed colors used during the entire project, so I have to think that some of the fault lies within the digital photo. Actually, this photo was taken with a flash, and indoors. All the other photos were taken outdoors in the shade. It is amazing what a difference these things can make in color.

I will take one last set of photos of the entire painting when it is put together and installed in the Banquet facility at Characters Restaurant in Lancaster, PA. That set will be done with a tripod, no flash, lights out with only the light from the windows to illuminate it. The camera will be set for indoor light. Never the less, I imagine I will have problems with the ambient light in the space because that light comes from 4 floor to ceiling windows in the front of the late 19th century space. The space is quite large, and the windows do provide a lot of light, so I’m sure I will be able to work with camera and Photoshop to work out the difficulties. I can’t wait to see the painting installed.

Next entry will show the painting in its entirety though not at this stage installed at Characters Gastropub.

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