Monday, October 28, 2013

Graphic Designs

October Graphics At The Art of John Bittinger Klomp

I often use illustrations and graphics in my blog. These often appear as addenda in the top or on the side of the blog. Sometimes they are part of an entry. And of course, much of the time the blog is about my fine artworks, so of necessity it includes illustrations of that fine art. Whenever possible I use my own graphics to make a point, or to illustrate an entry, and I think anyone viewing my journal would be hard pressed to find any artwork that isn’t my own. When an artwork is not mine, I make a point of that through notation. Most often my graphics are political, though sometimes they are made just to emphasize something I am writing about.

I’ve decided to run a series of entries that take a look at the graphics from the past and present. Today’s entry is an illustration of four graphics from past October entries.

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