Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fast and Furious


I created this graphic artwork based in part on the old Absolute Vodka advertising campaign, and in part on the current strange FOX TV news campaign to discredit Eric Holder and through him, President Obama. That campaign claims the Obama administration is trying to destroy our 2nd Amendment rights by exporting guns to Mexico thus amplifying the Mexican drug wars. The alternate reality they are weaving is (such a bizarre stretch!) that Obama's/Holder's "Fast and Furious" is designed to create a wave of liberal revulsion that will in turn result in attempts to take away U.S. citizens’ guns.

First, Bush II started operation “Fast and Furious, “ not Obama.

For some obscure reason, Holder has supposedly seen fit to cover-up the Bush program that President Obama inherited.

 And, do people actually believe this cockamamie BLEEP? To answer my own question – YES! 

 So, I’m asking -

"FOX news, FOX news viewers, including other networks that have been hoodwinked into the FOX la-la-land, as well as our No job creating Congress  - What are you Drinking?"

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