Monday, June 4, 2012


We had not been in Delaware during May since 2004, and I hadn’t seen the Campion blooming in all that time. So, the intense magenta-rose color was a surprise when the flowers opened this spring. I, of course had to take pictures of it, and here are two of the results. I cut one blossom just below the petals, and placed it on a black paper, shot it in direct sunlight, and had to manipulate the background (adding some dark dark rose in order to make the dark ground work more harmoniously with the blossom. I also had to do some cloning and layering with Photoshop in order to clean up some of the blemishes, though I left others that looked natural. Another artist may have removed all the blemishes – it’s a judgment call.

It was necessary to photograph the Campion because the little blossoms are so spectacular massed in the garden, and on their own. What an amazing color!