Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cape Henlopen Panoramas

 The weather was cool and windy, and we had company this past weekend. Rather than doing the standard beach, sun,swim and tan thing, we visited Cape Henlopen State Park bundled up in our jackets and sweaters and took a picnic “lupper,” a combination of lunch and supper. We smuggled champagne onto the beach in our cooler, had Brie and crackers along with thick chicken salad sandwiches with Vidalia onion and tomato slices. It was simple, tasty and (as my grandparents use to say) my sufficiency was fulfilled. However, before having our lupper, we drove to various locations on the cape, took pictures of sand, ocean, dunes, and one another. I played with my iPod and took video as well. Today I’m putting a brief panorama of our beautiful cape on my journal, and I promise that in the future I will do a much longer and more detailed movie of The Cape, including images, artwork and video about Fort Miles, the World War II military instillation from which our modern state park was created.

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