Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Illegal President Obama’s Speech to our nation’s school children will turn our children into socialists or worse, COMMUNISTS!

Chapter 2 of Gullible’s Travels: Conspiracy

I’ve just tuned in to Hlushbrimgual 3-2 of Digitanus (Universe V3.5) who is speaking in the bigit's most august political chamber (known as the Pot). Thus, Hlushbrimgual is known as a bigit Pottor. Unfortunately, when I tune in to Digitanus, I actually perform the evil Pottor, Hlushbrimgual, and currently, he is railing against the king of Digitanus who he claims is an imposter from another universe (V 3.6).

And, next week, after our worker’s holiday, when your bigit children return to their lessons, they will be brainwashed by your king as he speaks directly to all the children of Digitanus through the instruction computer system. In fact, he has designed software that will allow his speech to turn your bigit children into those lowly tripatiums, or even worse, quadigits. As to tripatium and quadigit children - well, their fate will be even worse. They will be reprogrammed as the idiot human beings from the United States of planet Earth (Universe V0.1). I do not hesitate to tell you that you should destroy your children’s instruction computers immediately, and do not, I repeat, do not allow your children near any household computer after the worker’s holiday.

Darn, that’s upsetting! The bigits of Digitanus think Americans in our Universe are lower than the lowest of their own kind. In short, we are lower than pond scum!

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