Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dear President Obama,

I would like to make several points about passing a healthcare reform bill in this letter.  Most importantly, early polls showed that 65% of Americans want healthcare reform.  However, recent polling shows support to be failing.  The drop in support is due to the wild accusations concerning death panels that would discriminate against any or all of the following; the elderly, Republicans, Democrats, children, the disabled, pregnant mothers.  You name it, the wingnuts will stop at nothing.  The startling thing is that so many of us are listening to them. Additionally, I would like to make the following observations.

1. Republicans don’t want you to be successful doing anything, and they are willing to go to any length to prevent any success whatsoever.  In fact some have made it clear they would rather see you dead!
2. Healthcare compromise is impossible under such conditions.
3. Do not seek more compromise with Republicans – Instead concentrate within the Democratic Party on those darn Blue Dogs.
4. The Public Option is essential to Public Healthcare Reform!
5. Senator Snowe’s proposal to remove the Public Option, put it on hold (so to speak) to be used only if private companies don’t provide meaningful reform just makes the entire situation so much more complex.
6. No other Republicans will accept Senator Snow’s proposal because they do not want you to succeed.
7. The Baucus Bill represents a gift to the drug and insurance companies, not the American people.

I personally am fed up with the healthcare impasse.  I am angry, and granted my anger is preventing a logical approach to the situation.  However, I firmly believe that at this point you must put every effort forth with fellow Democrats to get everyone on board, including the Blue Dogs, and forget Republicans.  I will gladly scream at public meetings when I can be present in Florida to do so, and I will be after November 19th.  I have jury duty.  However, the chances are I’ll be in for one day and out.  Then I’m free to raise (BLEEP)!

Yes, continue to seek compromise, but behind the headlines (If you haven’t already), please start applying the Monroe via Roosevelt BIG STICK to domestic issues and to our own politicians.


Dr. John Bittinger Klomp

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