Friday, September 4, 2009

CNN Poll Results

A new CNN poll shows that the Republican Party strategy of NEVER COMPROMISE ON ANYTHING with Democrats, and malign President Obama with “birther” and “Death Squad” rumors, and complaints about almost everything he does including conspiracy theory about speeches not yet given is working. While the President and Democratic Party in general are still the more popular, they have lost significant points since May; the president 13, the Democrats 5. The specific question (and I’m paraphrasing) asked whether the country is being moved in the correct direction by ___________________. Fill in the blank with any of the following; President Obama, the Democratic Party, the Republican Party.

Thus, the policy of don't compromise or agree on anything, rumor mongering and outright LIES works as a practice to convince the brilliant middle class (and I am middle class) and working class citizens of our country to return to the rich corporate Republican and totally right wing nut dominated fold.

I Love it!

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