Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Today's Lies Are Tomorrow's Truths

Different But Familiar

I’ve made contact with another universe, V3.5, the world of Digitanus. I make no special claims as to my mentalist or psychic abilities. I can’t guess the contents of an opponent’s hand of cards except through the use of logic. I’ve never been able to divine the location of water beneath the soil, nor predict the future. However, I do seem suddenly to be reading the minds of creatures other than human. I don’t read their thoughts in words, not English or any language. Instead the thoughts materialize complete while I sleep, prepackaged, pill-like, they expand and elaborate until I know the sight, sound, taste, and smell of a place that is totally alien, yet not so different from our own.

Why V3.5?

I’ve taken to a peculiar method of labeling the Digitanus universe as V3.5. That method is based on the computer age delineation of various prepackaged software versions using a decimal system. For instance, I work with MAC systems V10.4.11, and the labeling is based on the certain knowledge that comes with my expanding visions of Digitanus’ exact location. If we begin with a human centered vision of all time and space and call our own universe V1.0, the universe in which Digitanus and its people exist is exactly 25 variations away from our own, thus V3.5.

Prejudice and Lies

In my last journal entryI described the Digitanus Universe, V3.5 briefly and deceitfully as a parable about our own place and time. I will report on Digitanus occasionally in the future because the universe of Digitanus seems to have special bearing on our own. The inhabitants thereof seem to be, if not carbon copies of our own people, similar to the point of caricature. For instance, in the attempt to discredit their quadigit king, one faction of bigits has even invented and manufactured down to the last detail an inter-universe traveling machine with which said king has supposedly traveled to the Digitanus Universe with the express goal of killing off aged bigits through his proposed universal healthcare system.*

The bigits have the following bizarre (to my way of thinking) motto,

“Today’s lies are tomorrow’s truth.”

*Use the link to go to the last journal entry to read about the social structure of universe V3.5.

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