Monday, August 10, 2009

Health Care Reform and the Right Wing Nuts

After following the news the past two weeks, I’ve decided that the alternate universe of Digitanus is a far better universe than ours. The crazed and prejudiced Republican BIRTHERS and healthcare industry sponsored DEATHERS seem to be winning against both Obama and Healthcare Reform in our universe. Many of the DEATHERS are seniors on Medicare, though they don’t seem to understand they are already participating in one of two government socialist health care programs, Medicare and Veterans Health Administration. It appears that the quadigits, tripatiums, and most of the bigits on Digitanus are able to separate fact from fiction far better than we, the white, black, yellow and brown Earth folk of Universe V1.0.

I had dinner this week with two gay male friends, partners for many years who think Obama is Satan (It takes all kinds), and believe all the rest of the Right-Wing-Nut idiocy. I left that dinner truly horrified by the maniacal outbursts including “Obama and those people are destroying our nation.”

If you’re a Republican Pundit, healthcare insurance company owner/CEO, or right wing nut...
Say something stupid and idiotic; often and loud enough and all the gullible people will believe it! Like, Oh let’s see now.

1. Sotomayor’s a Latina racist.
2. Healthcare reform will kill old people.
3. Obama wants to kill old people.
4. Obama is a Nazi
5. Democratic Congress Persons are Socialists.

The subliminal message –“They're all outsiders who want to hurt us - KILL THEM!

This stuff is truly frightening!

I promise I'll get back to Art and/or LGBT Art related stuff next entry, HONEST!


Will said...

I am not one of those people who feel that there's no place for politics in art. It's a common chant in the audience of the opera/theater worlds in which I have made my career as a designer.

Art and politics are inextricably interconnected.

Dr. John Bittinger Klomp said...

I totally agree Will. Anyone who takes a look at Art History can find many examples of art of all types about the politics of any time and place. Tony Kushner's Angels in America is not just about AIDS. It is about people living with AIDS, and a government that refused to deal with that crisis. Of course, it is about so much more than that as well.

Anonymous said...

You mirror my sentiments exactly. Go for it.