Thursday, October 23, 2014

Meryl Streep Portrait: Part VIII

The Finish

The acrylic painting of Meryl Streep is complete but not installed. Due to miscommunication she is languishing against the north wall, and looking out the huge “Windows On Queen,” in Characters Pub in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. However, it is my understanding that she will be installed when Joe and I next visit Lancaster. We will celebrate with another fabulous dinner at Chef and owner, Meghan Young’s restaurant. Of course Dr. more-and-more-dyslexic-gasbag put the panels together backwards and the entire thing had to be taken apart and put together again. Ah well, the joys of old age! At least I can still draw, paint, laugh at myself, and take nourishment, occasionally all at once. Never the less I’m pleased with the final result, and I actually like the Meryl Streep portrait better than last year’s Leonardo Dicaprio portrait. She is bolder both in color and composition. Also, the abstraction of the hair worked out especially well. I debated changing the color of the background, but I am happy that I decided to stay with the black, which is not black. Instead it was made from red, green, magenta and blue, and depending on the number of layers it appears to be navy blue and or black in spots as one approaches the painting closely.

What's Next?

I’ve already begun to think about the new painting to go on the wall across from the bar in Windows On Queen. Instead of another 5 by 7 & ½ foot painting I will do a triptych, three 3 x 4 foot panels attached, hung as one 4 by 9 foot horizontal unit. However, each panel will be of a different character. I will have to consult with Meghan as to which characters are to be used. Perhaps three characters from the world of pop music this time. We’ll see.


Marian L Shatto said...

You've done Marilyn Monroe and Meryl Streep. How about staying with "M" and working on Dame Maggie Smith? There is a face with immense character, and an incredible talent behind it.

srkendal said...

Love it, John!

Daphne said...

What an incredible portrait! I do like the bold colors and the direction Meryl is looking. The portrait of Leonardo was great, also. Are these permanent installations at the Characters Pub? If they are, it's a place I'm stopping to eat the next time I'm near Lancaster.

Dr. John Bittinger Klomp said...

Yes, Daphne, they are permanent installations as part of the Restaurant's theme, "Characters." These two portraits are in the restaurant's banquet facility, "Windows on Queen" in a 19th century building with huge rustic beams and Brobdingnagian windows looking out on the main north/south thoroughfare of that marvelous little city. The front of the house is filled with my older graphite drawings of earlier characters. And yes, by all means include Characters Pub in a trip to the destination, Lancaster City and County.