Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February Graphics

I continue the monthly review of the past 6 years of graphics on this blog.

The February 3, 2008 blog entry began,
“I was going to write about the photographer F. Holland Day this morning. However, when I read the news about this latest court ruling against the citizens of New Orleans I couldn’t help myself. These are the very people the court system should be helping and protecting from criminal injustice whether it be on the part of other citizens, corporations, or the state.”
A Federal court had absolved the Army Corp of Engineers of any liability for the failure of the Levy System during hurricane Katrina. Thus, any coastal city that has been or will be fortified against damage from climate change by the Army Corp of Engineers will have no recourse with faulty and/or incomplete engineering. In anger I made the acid green and purple graphic about the great nation of Atlantis sinking beneath the sea.

Okay, this is to be a summary so I will be brief in my explanation of the next 5 years of graphics.

Any reader of this weekly exercise in futility that I send into the “cybervoid” knows that I am a progressive Democrat.*  Thus, the graphic I’ve chosen from 2009 is taken from the diatribe I wrote about my frustration with Republican pundits Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reily. Among others.

In 2010 I wrote at great length about my notion that we had long since left the Postmodern behind and I coined the term “Po Pomo,” or Post Postmodern. One of my main points was that neither the change between the Modern and the Postmodern, nor that between the Postmodern and the Po Pomo represents a great paradigm shift.*1

“Lotto Heart,” an illustration I prepared for the July 4th celebration of that name at Camp Rehoboth, the LGBT community center in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, is from a blog entry that I have since removed, I know not why.

The 2012 entry was from a series of photographs taken at sunrise for a Pastel commission. I am not a morning person, so the blog entry grudgingly admits to actually enjoying the experience of rising at 5:30 A.M. in order to be present for "old sol’s" daily debut.

Finally, Amphierotic is the 2013 graphic chosen because I did not know the word until I began work on the LGBT Pictionary. It was an invention of the psychoanalyst, Sandor Ferenczi , and means a person who is able to know him or herself erotically as either or both male and female simultaneously.


* Cybervoid is a term I have coined to designate the vast vacuousness of so much that is on the Internet particularly the social media.

*1 I have since found that others were also using the term, Po Pomo.

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