Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Beautiful Ocean Photo

This particular digital photo from 2010 caught my eye as I scanned through the thousands in my morgue folder labeled "South Florida Ocean."* I was fascinated because it is in focus through the entire depth of field. From the seaweed in the foreground to the horizon, everything is sharply detailed. The image is so crisp as to seem crystalized - even the figures swimming in the distance seem to be hovering in the water suspended in a semitransparent green vitreous mass. It is as though the primary purpose of this photograph were to freeze a moment in time and space into something that can be held immutable and permanent, one particularly perfect instance of the abstract notion, "sunny day at the beach."

The original photo was taken with my 10 megapixel camera, and holds amazing detail when blown up to 53 by 36 inches at 300 dpi, increased from 72 dpi. I personally like the depth of the aqua green sparkling water, intense sunshine and sky even though this last is only hinted at by the thin bar of blue at the top of the image and the blue reflection in front of the closest breaking wave. If I recall correctly, I shot the photograph at f22, shutter speed 1/500th of a second, and focused on that first line of breaking waves hoping to get the depth of field that was actually obtained.


* A morgue is an artist's file of photographs used as aids in drawing, painting,multi-media or other artistic activity.

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