Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Rethinking, Refurbishing and Repurposing

The Big Question mark (June 30, 2013) by yours truly *

Okay, so this most recent outburst of productive activity is done, at least as far as production of so many works at once is concerned. I have another exhibition of the LGBT Pictionary to prepare for as promised by Art Serve in south Florida. But, I will give myself, and husband Joe a break. I’ve agreed with Joe to make only 4 works during the next 12 months. Of course one of those proposed is to be a Brobdingnagian portrait, 60” x 90” on six panels, but more of that when the work is actually in progress. I will make the 3 other works using either mixed media distressed paint or pastels, and one or more of them will be additions to the LGBT Pictionary.

Additionally, so much of what I see and read on the Internet is meaningless drivel, that which has some merit goes unnoticed and/or is criticized because it is not a monetary (reads) capitalist venture. So, I’m proposing to do fewer entries, perhaps as few as two a month, and more of those will be about Art in general instead of art by yours truly.*2  I do have an idea for another blog that I will link to this one, a sort of novel in installments, a fiction about a character that is like me a visual artist. However unlike me, the guy believes himself to be the second coming of Christ. No, that isn’t correct. Actually, he believes himself to be one of many Jesus of Nazareth reincarnations, the Christ of our many Western Christian Churches. It occurs to me that such a blog might possibly generate a great deal of anger and hate. Never the less, I also know that I am of very little importance, and that my production, visual and written is of little consequence. Based on that personal assessment, I may just do the deed; though this will be the only time I mention the possibility in The Art of John Bittinger Klomp. The link will just appear among the many others on the right side panel of the blog. In fact, since it is slightly tongue in cheek, I may use the "monetize" link on Blogger to set up advertisements - sort of like the moneychangers in the temple thing that so upset the real Jesus Christ in the actual ancient world.

I haven’t decided if I will revamp the visual appearance of this blog, but I may do that as well. Perhaps there will be fewer of the political images and more Art images. I have to decide if I can stand not writing about and or creating my graphic images about politics. Thus, the artwork with which I illustrate this entry, the “Big Question Mark.”


* This illustration can be copied and used. I have not made any copyright claims on it, though I always do on my paintings, pastels, and most photographs.

*2 Interestingly, this link - as well as many others in this entry - to Wikipedia connects to one of the most successful organizations on the Internet, Wikipedia, whose founder, Jimmy Wales - did or did not want to make money on the venture. However, he insisted and still insists that the venture be free of monetized capitalist venture. Instead, it must be an instrument of "The People." Damn, if that isn't a Marxist (BAD WORD) idea! Perhaps this last - though I am the only person to make this observation OUT LOUD - is why there has been so much critical comment about Wikipedia and Jimmy Wales by so many in and out of the various establishments.

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