Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sand dune Shadows

I took this photograph on Cape Henlopen on September 9th this year.  It was on a warm late summer day around 5:00 P.M..

"And, just why does the season and time of day matter," my alter ego asks.

By way of explanation, late in the summer season and late in the day made longer shadows with warmer light which allowed me to shoot a photo with subtle gradation and play between shadow and sunlight - thus, the warmth of the sparkling sunlit sand versus the cool dull brownish-blue colors in the shadows of the fence and slopping dune curves.

The photo also serves as a reminder of why so many of us like to live near our coastline taking risk of The ocean's moodiness. The super storm we experienced on the mid-Atlantic coast - the destruction of life and property is an increasing hazard due to global climate change - whether man made or nature's normal cycle. We must address ways to protect ourselves in the future as seas rise, and storms increase.

This is no longer a what if proposition!

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