Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pink Triangle

One of a dozen New Mixed media Distressed Paintings from the "Gay Dictionary Series. The series will also include antonyms, synonyms and/or words just related to"gay," sometimes humorous, sometimes not.

This particular artwork is one of the more serious works and is related to the holocaust.The Pink Triangle was part of the system of triangles used by the Nazi's during WWII to denote various peoples they deemed undesirable, and included jews, Jehovah's Witnesses and homosexuals. The Jewish star was made of two yellow triangles,one pointing down, one up. The homosexual triangle was pink and pointed down. Today, the pink triangle is inverted, pointing up and is a symbol of pride.

It is estimated that somewhere between 50,000 and 60,000 homosexuals were put in the Nazi concentration camps - many of whom died - during the holocaust.


Kittredge Cherry said...

Wow, I am so excited and impressed by your whole Gay Dictionary series -- both the concept and your elegant execution of it! I would love to share this Pink Triangle piece on the Jesus in Love Blog with proper crediting to you for International Holocaust Remembrance Day (Jan 27). Is that OK? I will send you an email about this too.

Dr. John Bittinger Klomp said...

Yes, yes, and yes. I am humbled and honored. Please let me know when you have published the Holocaust Remembrance Day entry on Jesus in Love, Kitt, and thank you.

Kittredge Cherry said...

Thank you for sharing your “Pink Triangle” at the Jesus in Love Blog. I posted it today for International Holocaust Memorial Day. I'm happy with how it looks, and I hope that you are, too.

Here is the direct link: