Saturday, April 21, 2012

South Florida Atlantic Sunset #2

The sun goes down behind you when standing on the Atlantic in south Florida. Never the less, the soft gold, salmon and yellow that gild the waves and clouds are quite spectacular, so much subtler than the intense brilliance of our sunrises. Upon revisiting this 32” x 40” pastel painting from 2007, I am interested to note that the grid system I employ is quite visible through subtle changes in color. I hadn’t noticed the color variations at the time I made the drawing based on two digitally merged photos. However, I have since begun to work only in the late morning and early afternoon when white light is the most intense because I am increasingly unable to distinguish subtle color variations as I age. At the same time as unlikely as it might be - if I am ever noted as an artist of some small importance - this visual error will perhaps make the work more valuable. Meanwhile, I keep doing the work because I must - a gift is never to be squandered no matter how small or unimportant it may be.

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Betsy Grant said...

I appreciate your comment that a gift is not to be squandered no matter how small. This pastel is beautiful!