Thursday, April 12, 2012

Gulf Stream Daze

Northern Palm Beach County beaches are closer to the Gulf Stream than any other beaches in Florida. Typically it is about 3 miles from the beach to that warm current. However, some days the stream must be lapping at our sandy shore because the water turns many shades and tints of brilliant turquoise blue, some milky pale, others deep blue-green, and every color between. The water looks as though it is lit from within. On such days, I can’t pull my eyes away from the water, and I have trouble leaving the beach because my artist’s eyes and heart are so filled with joy. Here I’ve put together a short two and one/half minutes of images from two of those “Gulf Stream Daze.” Once again, as I view the video through Blogger, it stops motion. It is best viewed by going to You Tube and viewing it directly.

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Betsy Grant said...

Beautiful. Almost like I'm there on the beach!