Tuesday, February 21, 2012

South Florida Beach Sunrise

"Sunrise Near Seminole Golf Club, June 6, 2011"

I am not a morning person. I wake up sluggish, and walking into walls ornery – no - the word is cantankerous! Never the less, once every couple of weeks I make myself get up early in the A.M. to sit on one of our south Florida beaches with my trusty camera, and watch the sun come up. I shoot hundreds of photos changing shutter speed, aperture, and focal length. Out of those hundreds I may find 2 or 3 that are worth using alone or mixed with other images in a pastel drawing, perhaps one that will stand alone as a photograph, and or work in combination with other media for one of my mixed media distressed paintings. I end up filing them in my personal massive photo morgue for possible future use. This particular photo was almost a standalone image, but not quite. I may use it in combination with several others for a pastel, but most likely it will end up buried in the layers of a mixed media distressed painting. I post it to demonstrate the selection process involved in creating any of the “Waterworks.” As part of that process the early morning - “I’m so damned tired-” trips to the beach have become a necessity. Oh, I do have to admit (grudgingly) that watching old Sol pierce the horizon with his brilliant yellow and orange light flash, then gradually drift through and above the clouds is an extremely uplifting experience.


Betsy Grant said...

It is quite breathtaking isn't it. Wonderful job!

Betsy Grant said...

Hi John,
you might find my reply to your comment on my video "God In Us" interesting. Or you might not!

Alachua said...

After a long week of a stressful schedule at work, its nice to spent for a time at the beach with no worries. Enjoying the view and relax, its all you can get for the week. Me myself is doing that, it's like a refreshing day with the beach. You can do whatever you want, what ever you need to make life easier.